The best part of Estes park Colorado

September 13, 2017 at 7:48 pm

Estes Park is a great little, quaint town that is always going to be a place for people to travel to when they need to get away. When I went this last month. I had taken my cousin Curtis. He was actually working on his Garage door repair OKC marketing when I called him and said hey “C” let’s go to this great little place I found from a client.

When we arrived it was like a fairy tale due to the fact that there was just the most amazing views and sightseeing to be had.

Truly a magical place that will leave you in awe!! I could not believe my eyes that this was where we would be staying for the next 4 weeks. We had such an amazing trip that we decided to call a real estate broker to get us a list of cabins for sale here. So we found several that over looked Marys Lake, which was in the mountains and was unbelievable with all of its views and wild life everywhere.

We are truly lucky to see and be apart of such a great little community. There are plenty of amazing little dives that really great food, and Wine. My favorite part of the trip.
So if you get the chance to make it out to that part of Colorado. DO it!! You will not be disappointed.